august 22

August 25, 2016

I wasn’t expecting to remember you. A nameless woman came through my line with a stupid little plant. little red flowers…. I was stunned. I thought…there it is…that is the last plant I bought you. I stared at it for a long second. held it… placed it so carefully aside.  protecting it from the barrage of cascading purchases…. and one hour later there it was. still in the same place…. my customer walked away.  And I was left alone remembering you.

the gift

September 12, 2011

its labor day… working people have come in our store for their BBQ ribs and sodas for an afternoon of family barbeque. I watched someone write out a check today…. its funny because I see hundreds of checks a month. but she wrote it out… date first… signed it… wrote in the numerical amount 36.40 leaving the hand written numbers for last… i thought that was odd… I watched her carefully turn to the front page of her checks to a very worn page. bent cornered…in large numbers she had written each amount out:
20 30 40 50 then next to it she wrote in oversized letters how to write each of the numbers — TWENTY, THIRTY, FORTY, FIFTY…. CENTS. I was in awe.

what if I could not write? what if I had lived in that different world… so far away from my insulated middle class america world. I wondered where i would be now.. where would I be now… and would I have had the courage to persevere?

I watched how carefully she wrote each of the letters looking back each time to write the letters in the right order.

It was then I realized how easily and carelessly I write each day…. taking forgranted my life … and what a gift it is to have an education, read and write. how easy my life is.
a gift.

god bless texas.