en la noche i dream…

December 21, 2010

i dreamed i was in a meeting i missed… then there was another meeting…
and I parked in a place it floods… near a river, near a stream…
the river rose and rose…
i wanted to rescue my car, my cat, my house.. and of course mr. moBoy…
but the cow who jumped over the moon got stuck on the fence.
the beautiful cow was yellow.. beautiful buttery yellow.

from my billfold I glance up… my tiny car seems so insignificant, anonymous…almost invisible.

on pump No. 4 I see a tall white truck with 7 foot Texas longhorns strapped to a wrap around deer guard. behind the wheel is a tall Cowboyhat Man. He gets out, walks across the black asphalt parkinglot, slides through the Quickstop double doors to the front register in his Lee jeans.

At gaspump No. 5, a Lowrider pulls in. Sleek, deep black… with an immaculate airbrush ghost of the sons and daughters of revolution painted on each side…. the Lowrider inches forward, pumps up and down, pumps up and down on its magnificent hydrawlics. Our cash register boys can’t even concentrate long enough to make change to Cowboyhat Man as they stare in awe, faces pressed up closely against the window talking to each other excitedly.

I grip my billfold tightly. Wonder aloud where I am…. then this seattle girl moves carefully to the passenger side…. ducking down to let moBoy drive. It is only three blocks past DelRio street…. the trees surrounding us with black birds.

my echo

July 20, 2010

i thought i was here… but then i found out
that wasn’t where I was afterall.
I am not sure where I am… birds fly overhead laughing.
Their black heads bobbing against the wind…
i have never seen birds with black heads…

i thought i would recognize this place. The trees perhaps..
or the blue water that fills the horizon.
or perhaps the smell of seawater… i grew up near the ocean….
but I don’t.
I am left with myself.. listening to the wind and the shudder of leaves….

i am carefully watching the white clouds building storms in the evening…
as i listen to my echo. in this strange house.

here i am. whispering.

life is in a box

July 6, 2010

“…Did we ever find a plate,” MoBoy asks?
“Uh uh.. why do you need a plate?” I reply.
” …Yes, my life would be complete with a plate,” he responds,
“As it is, I am swimming in a sea of platelessness…”
Its in a box…” I reply…

my life.. your life its in that cardboard box…