1 fresh chili pepper (Jalapeno)
5 cups of milk /cream (I used Soy milk because moBoy does not do dairy)
1.5 Tbs. vanilla
8 oz. bittersweet chocolate (or 3 Mexican chocolate tablets)
2 Tbls. white sugar or honey
Cinnamon stick

1. Add the chili pepper (whole) to 2 cups of boiling water. (What you want here is jalapeno infused water. I put slits in jalapeno). Boil until reduced by half. Strain and set aside (with whole chili pepper I did not need to strain water).

2. In a heavy-bottomed saucepan, combine the milk, & vanilla. Heat until just simmering. Add the chocolate and sugar or honey and whisk until they’ve dissolved.

3. Remove the pot from heat.

4. Add in the chili-infused water to cocoa water, whisk to combine. If you’re unsure about how hot the chilis will make the cocoa, add the infusion in a little at a time, and taste as you go. (Jalepeno water is awesome!)

5. Optional:: Add cinnamon stick to each cup.

If your hot chocolate is too thick or hot, thin with milk. Need more kick? Add  Godiva Liqueur.

Serves about 6.

* The jalapeno is the key to this recipe. It adds a warm flavor without changing the taste of the Abuelito chocolate. I placed a whole jalapeno (with multiple slits in the side) in hot water and boiled for 15 -25 minutes.

A Note on Ingredients

Chili Peppers
Use the kind you like best for flavor and hotness. I personally like jalapenos, but any medium-level hot pepper will do. I would shy away from anything like a habanero, which is too hot for something like this. It would overpower not balance the sweetness of the chocolate and sugar/honey.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Tablets
If you hunt around at a larger supermarket, you’ll likely be able to unearth Nestle’s Mexican Hot Chocolate tablets or a similar product.

recipe adapted from ‘mayan hot chocolate’

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