October 4, 2019



11B12DB8-4A48-4C77-8453-C2CADD42C7C5“Novelist Larry McMurtry once said that Odessa, Texas, is the worst town on earth…

Driving to Monahans from Interstate 10 near Fort Stockton the view is all blue sky draped over dry brown scrub brush. Telephone poles march along the endless asphalt on the highway, and oil well derricks dot the landscape. There is a stark beauty to the desolation yet it feels as lonely as the end of the earth…

The hotel parking lot is crawling with oil workers wearing red coveralls with Halliburton patches sewed on them. There is an oil boom in Monahans for the first time in many decades. We check in at the front desk and ask for a recommendation for a restaurant with a decent wine list. There is no wine or liquor by the glass here, we’re told. Pizza Hut and the local Mexican restaurant serve beer, and that’s it.”

Excerpt From the book::   Without Getting Killed or Caught

Author Tamara Saviano

July 29, 2019


“Have a great day.”

March 30, 2019


March 23, 2019

“ …There was comfort for me in accepting the arbitrariness of what happened, in regarding it as a spasm of random damage in time and space that, just as randomly, a small number of human beings got the opportunity to repair. We were more capable than I had understood. We were also far more helpless.“…

February 28, 2019