May 24, 2018

B08BB6AD-1F6E-46DD-B8DE-436706250F68Thunderjacket on. Thunderjacket off. Thunderjacket on … 2018.


east of eden 2011

March 31, 2018

Eden BBQ

I met a man here from louisana. he said he had a bad leg and “…this here dog was a good dog but he pulled too much.”

the dog had blue blue eyes.

they looked inseparable, those two. the good dog that pulled too much and the man with a bad leg.

surrounded by mesquite smoke.and white clapboard houses i wondered what it was like to live here in this dusty woodsmoke town… in the middle of the great state of texas…
i was pretty sure i could see God from here.

Eden Texas 2011

March 31, 2018

plastic flamingos strut in a cactus garden.

patches of blue sky promise:  tomorrow

the mountain top will be revealed.


Judith Strasser

February 15, 2018

I grew up there. In that land with river passing over great granite stones… mountains that stand in strength in my memory… unchanged…

I’ve loved those mountains my entire life. I’ve loved that earth. I loved those people that great land and country I once knew…






texas cherry pie

December 24, 2017


November 23, 2017


November 8, 2017

Looking down I wondered which saint fell off my bracelet

bought at a trade center
Past the bakery
Down the broken road
Near the hurricane shelters
near CrossTown