June 13, 2018

“We are a lot alike,” she said. “ I am a lot like you”. And then….then I lost her forever.  And I can’t breathe.
If only I could… I would go over the mountains to the river and fish until the day grew long  … I would lay down by the moving current and count my blessings I knew you …. and wish I knew your life more… and I would wish your life was completely filled with joy surrounded by the people who love you as much as I do…who take care of you … listen to you and laugh with you… but that’s just me.  it’s just me… without you. You were supposed to call.
I.   I will love you forever. It’s just me.
. . .
ten days later
ten days later I think. It’s like losing a sister. We never told each other what to do – but we talked to each other… and we were always there for each other.  It was a sisterhood pact. An unbreakable deal. and here I am.  ten days later. waiting. hoping. wishing.
my friend . my sister . my niece is still gone.   Ten days later.   I am still here.

2 Responses to “”

  1. Wide-eyed Wanderer Says:

    Beautiful but so sad…😪

  2. geedee Says:


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