do you know how far it is

November 27, 2016


you want to give her your navigator…. because she doesn’t own one. she has two dogs. Two. One has a yellow sweater …and the other is a little black chihuahua shivering in the truck — she told me she couldn’t find his little sweater…pobrecita.

way out here in the middle of west texas. we stopped . balmorhea. kent. vanhorn.

i  am so not sure why i even remember this. I don’t know why it’s even important. maybe its because there is this one important thing you must do with your life and then you don’t do it…or maybe its because she said to me, “… my people have animals … that is why I have animals… goats and chickens. That is why I have to get back, she said.  I need to get back and take care of my animals.   Do you know how far it is to Abilene? she said.   Abilene.  her face heavily lined — in an old truck from Buckeye school district — an old truck she bought on her own …  this one woman traveling alone across the great state of texas….

she bought that land. she bought three acres. way out in Abilene — far away from anyone else. So she could have animals…. animals the way her family does….

I don’t know why she told me that. a total stranger at a light blue crappy motel 6 near a luvs-cargo truckstop. i still don’t know why i remember her so clearly and it all seems so important.

Abilene.  San Angelo. Junction.

here to home. home to here.  i am obsessed with distance.

I need to get back and take care of my animals.  she said.

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