November 17, 2015

october 2012

If I could. I would.
i would go to the northern ends of the earth… where the sun rises just above the horizon and stays there all day long to settle beside itself in a cradle of mountains. where men bend snowshoes out of birch branches behind hot iron stoves in their living room.

where porcupine quills are woven into snowflakes with bright shiny beads.
i would.
I would sit in the community house overlooking the great Yukon River. It has been a long time since i have been there … a long time since I have seen my friends… and they.
And.they would laugh.

they would laugh as I throw my coat out away from the door of the house…. they would ask me what I did with my paper. and call me crazy girl. they would would not know me. they would not care that I am an artist… they would not care about my hair.. my eyeliner.. or what boots I was wearing… they would not care about so many things about me.

they would first ask about my family. they would ask about my health… my mother and my husband. Then they would ask how I was doing… and I would ask about them.

over tea.
sitting in front of the one great window that faces the yukon river that has been shattered by a wayward gun shot.

and we. and we would ask about you. wishing deeply you were still here.


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