april 5

April 5, 2014

happy birthday Maw. happy birthday.

bet you thought we would forget.
…wish you were here.
we weren’t ready….when you left.

there is an immense horizon where you rest…
long shadows, cotton fields, yellow dirt roads
..and blackbirds birds float across the sky…
its sadly beautiful.

thought you should know we are working on plan E.
A,B,C…D didnt work.

I have counted each picture of yours in the house…
…I have Nanny’s little white mixer. I thought you might love that.

we will be completely lost without you.
we dont watch soap operas anymore… i dont keep up with nascar…
…i cant find my hurricane list.

just wanted to let you know…we didn’t forget..
hope you are listening.
yes. we still love you. thank you. for being you.

. we miss you. alienBoy and all.

xxoo. maw.

One Response to “april 5”

  1. Jculliton Says:

    incredibly beautiful poem

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