January 30, 2014

i saw a dog.
Bump. Bump. Bump. went the dog. walking down our grey cement street.

Bump down off the curb. Bump against the light pole.
And bump. bump. up against black and white fence.

Bumpy dog’s real name is ErniE.

the owner gently picks him up. Holds him to his Chest.
and quietly says to me, … he is usually an
inside dog.

the dog’s eyes are grey with cateracts. He is completely Blind.

i smile. i love dogs.

he gently puts Ernie down.
Bump. .Bump.. Bump…
off they go. fearlessly. The little family of two…

down Naylor street.

ilove bumpy.
ErniE is completely fearless.
god bless bumpy.

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