September 8, 2012

we saw a mans work in seattle. An artist… he painted buildings. he captures something – his one moment in time painted on canvas reminds me life is precious — ‘…in all its terrible beauty’. ( a quote from a story i read recently.)

…Buildings, roads, entire cities, though grid-like by design, are in fact fluid networks of overlapping aesthetic forms which redefine themselves as we experience them… The subtle curve of the water’s edge echoed by a highway, the deep crimsons of rusting steel, the vibrations of violet and orange where a crane pierces the blanket of a dense gray sky, moments like these break through the burdensome mandates of utility and function. For me, the discovery of one of these elusive moments is like finding a piece of discarded, crumpled-up paper that when unfolded reveals a poem that concisely articulates what is most elemental about a location.
Christopher Martin Hoff

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