cars: what men don’t see.

March 20, 2012

i walked in. blue shirt men with their names patched on. passing papers to each other looking tense. Randomly glancing up at me as if to say… what are you doing here? i knew i didnt belong there either.
He walked in 5 minutes later, behind me, my husband. a man, a boy. he didn’t say a word. the room changed.
suddenly it wasn’t just some pink chicklet standing in front of them anymore. it was one of their own. I am not saying the blue shirt service was any better.

I am just saying them boys they understand each other… without saying anything at all.

2 Responses to “cars: what men don’t see.”

  1. Kellie Moeller Says:

    love the pink chicklet thing…you must have been getting the car fixed?
    totally relate!

  2. Gary Smith Says:

    Lucky they didn’t see my SpongeBob boxers.

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