the color of water in the wind

May 5, 2011

5 Responses to “the color of water in the wind”

  1. gdionelli Says:

    This is the best yet.

  2. mosheppo Says:

    so funny gd — I am thinking its not done… not quite right…. but I made a rule to paint it and leave it alone trying only to catch the color and expression of the water at the time.

  3. gdionelli Says:

    Oh, I didn’t say it was PERFECT – if you got it just right, there wouldn’t be any fun in trying again!

  4. mosheppo Says:

    good… actually no longer want things to be perfect. just want to capture that moment…. that tiny second of time. that one sparkling color….

  5. gdionelli Says:

    The best things in life are the most elusive ones.

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