why i love Texas

April 21, 2011

A ranch hand came in the store yesterday he was buying dog food and I asked about his dogs. He said he found these two puppies at his ranch. He is this big weather worn man, big calloused hands. Said he was fencing for a ranch owner who is raising exotic deers(sic). He said — I looked over and saw these two puppies come rollin’ out of a culvert by the highway. He said,”… they both looked at me wide eyed …one peeking around the other on crooked, lopsided puppy legs…

“Both puppies were real skinny,” he said “…and they woulda’ made a great humane society advertisement they looked so bad”. Then he said, “…so I went over there and picked them both up and put them in the truck. One puppy was so scared he hid his head in the other puppy’s chest the whole day… he said – I named that one pee wee and the other fuzzy wuzzy”. Here is this big tall man with oversized texas cowboy boots naming two tiny dogs peewee and fuzzy wuzzy….

“Anyway” he said ” …to make a long story short… they are both about half size dogs now and they ‘re chasing the cows… “All full of themselves”, he said. Then he looked down and said, “… yeah I gotta teach ’em not to do that or they might just get themselves stepped on.”
… i love that. And i thought, yeah, i think i love texas too.

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