happy birds

December 9, 2010

may 2010:

I love the birds that wake me up in the morning… almost before I open my eyes …long before morning coffee.  I awake…sort of… and find myself staring blankly at the tv.the lovely birds sit on the grey adobe porch they fluff up their grey feathers… eyeing into my window… a careful light reflects off feathers as one black eye peers back at me.

mourning doves… of course yes… You can hear the sound.  Softly if you are careful enough to listen.

They wait… not patiently… sometimes …anxiously for their cat-food breakfast. I used to buy them real bird food. the spectacular kind… the kind you get in a petstore filled with sunflower seeds and specialty seed nuts.  but today, I gather myself together… hair still sticking up a the back of my head from a long night of restless sleep… pad out to the porch in my white sox… and hammer out a morning meal of dry catfood.  happy happy birds.

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