two women

November 17, 2010

when i woke up the sky was a ribbon blue… almost sparkling. the air was tight and crisp on the highest mesa. the view spectacular…. I could see the sacred mountain nearly 75 miles away. the flat mesas etched one upon the other… layering into fading blue. There are trees here… short bush trees for the high country and on a good day you can smell the fragrance of chaparrel and pine.  Stones stack one upon another — sharpening this land of deep ochre and blood red iron.

i stepped into the store… a dusty desk in the back of the hopi center. small corn kachinas hung lightly against the wall. The faded sale tags moved slightly when the door opened from the outside…the two women had their heads down deep in discussion together. i stepped inside… silently looking over the artwork with strange names like paqua mana.. Naha, and Horo Mana (cold bringing woman).

it is cold today, She said. its the first fire of the season. I hate making fires… she said softly. I stood there …shifting one foot to the door awkwardly wondering if I overheard someone else’s conversation… or if I should nod and politely walk away.

I have spent a few days here … invited. But, it is as if I look through a dusty window. at a world my family once knew.

One Response to “two women”

  1. gdionelli Says:

    You are as artistic in writing as in painting and drawing.

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