quick stop

September 24, 2010

Quick stop no. 5:: Texas

from my billfold I glance up… on pump No. 4 was a tall white truck with longhorns strapped to the deerguard. Cowboy hat man walks through the quickstop front double doors sliding his way to the front register.

In gaspump 5 a Lowrider pulls in sleek, deep black… with an immaculate ghost airbrush of the sons and daughters of revolution…. the car inches forward, jumping up and down, jumping up and down.  the boys behind the cash register can’t even concentrate long enough to make change to cowboyMan as they stare, faces pressed up closely against the window.

Billfold gripped tightly, I move carefully to the passenger side…. ducking down to let the man drive. It is only three blocks up up the broken asphalt street…. trees surrounding us with black birds.

Yes of course, Texas is just like everywhere else…. I would know it anywhere.

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