just like me

August 1, 2010

I loved that back porch.
She had a plywood back porch built by my grandfather that overlooked the north cascade mountains. when i was small I would look out as far as I could see, beyond the horizon of known things… No, I did not see the immense rise of mountains… I saw layers and layers of the great, northern fir trees. They were a soft…charcoal grey… collecting rain… in the shadow of things.. fading softly from layer to layer until finally resting in soft cobalt blue….

I held my breath. for that one moment.. it was just me and god.
god was there …talking to me.
I just wanted to listen… listen to nothing. no sound. no cars.
There were never words – god never yelled like papa.

But god loves mountains and trees too, just like me.

One Response to “just like me”

  1. gdionelli Says:

    Lovely picture.

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