May 15, 2010

i stopped by to say hello…. she was sitting in the green arm chair next to the absent others…. they never spoke to each other watching the screen change from image to image….. The home director said sharon was a bit strange… she said she often forgot what she told you yesterday. and the day before.

But she told me stories. she told me about her cat. It never leaves the room she said to me happily. Sharon told me that yesterday… and the day before. And she told me how the cat had a brother who was a tom cat. she couldn’t take the tom cat with her when she moved to this place.

i walked with her back to her room. Her name dangled on wooden nameplate outside the door… inside it smelled strongly of cat food… the kitty slept comfortably on a worn blanket on the bed. i had to go home. i tapped her on the back.. i suddenly realized how frail she was. Then i remembered i lost my cat… 3 years ago.

do you need anything I asked, ” no i dont need anything — except maybe a bit of pink lipstick from walgreens next door….”

please let her cat live forever.. i whispered.
but no one was listening.

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