October 28, 2018

Thats funny. You actually think I forgot you. That’s funny. The last time I talked to your blessed soul – standing in a dusty pottery studio you asked … which do you like better Corpus Christi or where you are now… “ and I said I don’t know. I don’t know ….

i saw three people today that looked like you. Three. Each one I saw my eye caught. Like a torn zipper. I stopped and stared.. and tried to shake my head.
Three. Three people. Not you. Not you. not you. not you. Not you not you not you not you not you…..
Happy dia de los muertos
Sarah Bearah Canarah,
happy dia de los muertos…
I thought you might want to know I went to Corpus Christi…
I saw laughing gulls
wrapped in sea soft yellow clouds..
in an HEB parking lot. Laughing gulls.


September 14, 2018

we live in a desert. we are employed. TWO jobs. Yay. We work separate hours. Spectacular. Welcome to the desert… the beautiful desert. I cant possibly walk across the street to say hello… it’s just too much work.

June 13, 2018

“We are a lot alike,” she said. “ I am a lot like you”. And then….then I lost her forever.  And I can’t breathe.
If only I could… I would go over the mountains to the river and fish until the day grew long  … I would lay down by the moving current and count my blessings I knew you …. and wish I knew your life more… and I would wish your life was completely filled with joy surrounded by the people who love you as much as I do…who take care of you … listen to you and laugh with you… but that’s just me.  it’s just me… without you. You were supposed to call.
I.   I will love you forever. It’s just me.
. . .
ten days later
ten days later I think. It’s like losing a sister. We never told each other what to do – but we talked to each other… and we were always there for each other.  It was a sisterhood pact. An unbreakable deal. and here I am.  ten days later. waiting. hoping. wishing.
my friend . my sister . my niece is still gone.   Ten days later.   I am still here.

May 24, 2018

B08BB6AD-1F6E-46DD-B8DE-436706250F68Thunderjacket on. Thunderjacket off. Thunderjacket on … 2018.


east of eden 2011

March 31, 2018

Eden BBQ

I met a man here from louisana. he said he had a bad leg and “…this here dog was a good dog but he pulled too much.”

the dog had blue blue eyes.

they looked inseparable, those two. the good dog that pulled too much and the man with a bad leg.

surrounded by mesquite smoke.and white clapboard houses i wondered what it was like to live here in this dusty woodsmoke town… in the middle of the great state of texas…
i was pretty sure i could see God from here.

Eden Texas 2011

March 31, 2018

plastic flamingos strut in a cactus garden.

patches of blue sky promise:  tomorrow

the mountain top will be revealed.


Judith Strasser

bar ditch

March 20, 2018

I think it was about a bar ditch. Yeah, that’s what it was. The last conversation I had with him.  If I had known it would be our last conversation I would have listened more… savored that ordinary moment just for one minute more.  As it is it is all I left. A bar ditch. And now listening to the quiet of a desert morning…. I try to remember each detail of that random conversation.  forgotten.