February 15, 2018

I grew up there. In that land with river passing over great granite stones… mountains that stand in strength in my memory… unchanged…

I’ve loved those mountains my entire life. I’ve loved that earth. I loved those people that great land and country I once knew…







texas cherry pie

December 24, 2017


November 23, 2017


November 8, 2017

Looking down I wondered which saint fell off my bracelet

bought at a trade center
Past the bakery
Down the broken road
Near the hurricane shelters
near CrossTown

the bakery

the bumpy endless roads

with silver black oil refineries standing up against a long
texas horizon…

what does that white girl know anyhow.

Oh it can’t get worse

August 31, 2017

then it does. Lovely lovely 2017.

May 22, 2017

the clouds line up against those blue mountains.  one god. men of power…

NorthSouth. East… blue mountains surround us. all sides but one.  I memorize the blue color.  counting my blessings.